Calm and productive

A studio for your mind

Like an artist's studio, Capacities is a place for all your information. It stores your knowledge and can resurface it, right when you need it. It’s your own studio to collect, connect and reflect – a place to make sense of the world and to create amazing things.

It's free. No credit card required.

Our computers made us think like them

We adapted our thinking and the way we work to computers:
Faceless files with cryptic names and a multitude of programs to use them hinder our work every day.


We live in a world of Objects, let’s work with them instead

Our units of thinking are objects such as books, people, conversations, or ideas.
Say goodbye to files and enter the intuitive world of objects.

Folders and hierarchies limit our creativity

They silo our thinking. They are too rigid to structure
our dynamic, diverse, and interconnected work.


Break the silo, create a network of thoughts

Connecting objects allows you to naturally structure information.
This helps you understand complex topics and might even
spark new ideas where you don’t expect them.

We are drowning in a flood of information

Social media, notifications, and other constant distractions.
Our environment makes us less productive, more stressed, and less happy.


Enter a calm and productive
place for your mind

Capacities is a calm place to think, organize, and get work done.
A library to store knowledge which you can use to create amazing things.
Start focusing on what’s important to you.

Calm and productive
It's free. No credit card required.

At the cutting edge of
art and technology

Capacities is on a mission to remove friction by creating a tool that combines gorgeous aesthetics and ease of use with the best that knowledge management has to offer.

Batteries included.
No plugins, no coding, no techy syntax. Just one simple, beautiful and powerful tool.

Capacities makes knowledge work more inclusive.
We enable people to be more productive and to become the best version of themselves.

Create a studio for your mind.

🚀 Get started now
It's free. No credit card required.

That's great, but what's the product?

Capacities is an app for all your devices. It has all the above mentioned concepts built in. Explore it's features and get a sense of what it feels like.

Capacities at a glance

What Capacities is and can do

  • A tool for PKM (personal knowledge management) to build a second brain and create lasting knowledge.

  • Stored on secure servers in the cloud. Why?

    • Makes sharing way easier

    • Powerful API integrations (Twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram, email) and more coming soon

  • Data structure: a combination of objects (notes with a type), blocks (for main content) and properties (structured data/metadata of an object)

  • Lets you create your own types (like databases in Notion)

  • For individual use. Collab and team workspace are on the long-term roadmap.

  • block-based, WYSIWYG, rich-text editing

  • Tagging

  • Powerful sharing

  • Link and reuse any content, get powerful backlinks

  • Media as first-class citizens (=objects)

  • One-click bulk export of all your content to common formats

  • Base version is and will remain free. Support us by becoming a believer.

What we are currently working on

  • You can get an overview on the upcoming topics on our roadmap.

  • If you have ideas, feature request, or problems feel free to use our feedback board.


  • No mobile app yet, planned for 2023

  • No unlinked mentions/references yet


  • We recommend using Chrome, Edge, or Safari for the web version

About the company

  • In public beta since January 2022

  • Small, independent team from Europe with a strong belief in the power of knowledge and learning. Read about why we built Capacities.

  • Looking for a third co-founder with passion for PKM/TfT and solid skills in marketing, communication, and design (contact us).

How you can support us

  • Become a believer. You will support a small and independent team in making the best tool for knowledge work.

  • Spread the word! The more you help us get more users, the less time we have to spend on marketing and can focus on building the best tool for you.

  • Give us feedback on the product

  • Write/create a review of Capacities and share your learnings with others.

  • Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn