Calm and productive

Our computers made us think like them

We adapted our thinking and the way we work to computers:
Faceless files with cryptic names and a multitude of programs to use them hinder our work every day.


We live in a world of Objects, let’s work with them instead

Our units of thinking are objects such as books, people, conversations, or ideas.
Say goodbye to files and enter the intuitive world of objects.

Folders and hierarchies limit our creativity

They silo our thinking. They are too rigid to structure our dynamic, diverse, and interconnected work.


Break the silo, create a network of thoughts

Connecting objects allows you to naturally structure information.
This helps you understand complex topics and might even
spark new ideas where you don’t expect them.

We are drowning in a flood of information

Social media, notifications, and other constant distractions.
Our environment makes us less productive, more stressed, and less happy.


Enter a calm and productive
place for your mind

Capacities is a calm place to think, organize, and get work done.
A library to store knowledge which you can use to create amazing things.
Start focusing on what’s important to you.

It's free. No credit card required.
Mobile app

Your Mobile Companion

Our mobile app is built to be the perfect companion to the desktop app - search, upload, and take notes on the go.

Daily Notes

Plan your day, write down ideas, and reflect.

Powerful Search

Find what you are looking for in seconds.

Quick Capture

Quickly add photos, use the camera, or create new content.

Share Sheet

Save content from other apps to Capacities.

AI Assistant

A powerful assistant right and your pocket and linked to your notes.

Explore Connections

Find hidden connections and supercharge your creative thinking.
AI magic

Objects meet AI

Use the AI assistant to dynamically interact with any object in your notes. Ask questions based on your content or let it improve your writing. You can use a variety of predefined commands, but ultimately, it's up to you to explore the limits of what's possible!

Security & Privacy

We value security and data protection

Capacities is built using best practices and with a strong commitment to security and data protection.

GDPR compliant

As a European company, we are fully GDPR compliant.

Stored on encrypted servers

Your data is securely stored on encrypted servers in the EU.

Signed URLs

Secure signed URLs for all your uploaded media files.
Data protection

Commitment to data protection

We've built our system on the pillars of Privacy by design, Data ownership, Data access and safety and transparency. Read our full data protection statement.

Extra security

Two-factor authentication

Two-Factor Authentication adds another layer of security to your account by requiring two methods of authentication.

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