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Small videos to make the most out of Capacities
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Introduction to Tables

A quick introduction to tables and formulas in Capacities!
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AI Assistant Overview

An overview of the 3 places you can use AI in Capacities right now, plus the useful feature of saving your chats for later.
Quick Tip

The AI Chat in Capacities

A deeper look at the AI Chat in Capacities, including commands, context and more.
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Introduction to queries

Queries are here to help you power your existing workflows, building on how you're already used to using the app. Get a quick introduction to the three different types.
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Object queries

Object queries return content based on a set of object types and optional filters. You can apply rules based on collections, tags, and properties which means the possibilities are endless.
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Search queries

Search queries bring you saved searches, embedded searches and more.
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Tag queries

Tag queries are the third type of queries in Capacities, that you can quickly put together from your tag pages.
Quick Tip

Build a mini homepage with queries

Different use-cases for all types of queries.
Quick Tip

Bulk actions

Instead of having to repeat workflows multiple times in order to apply them to multiple objects or blocks, why not do them all in one?
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Templates are customizable structures that you can apply to your objects to help you get started with them quicker. Learn how to customise them in this video!
Quick Tip

The calendar view

Time is one of Capacities' fundamental pillars, so the central calendar view is an important place in the app. Here's a tour of this space!
Quick Tip

Setting up task actions

Learn how to set up task actions to send tasks to your task manager.
Quick Tip

Using the date picker

Learn how to use the date picker to add dates to your notes.
Quick Tip

How to change an object type

Sometimes the object type you first assign an object in Capacities is no longer the best fit. Changing an object type is super easy, you just need to make sure all the information has somewhere to go in your new object.
Quick Tip

Useful editing shortcuts

Learn how to use a variety of shortcuts to make your editing faster.

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