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I've been experimenting with Capacities for about four days and just became a Believer today 💫 The clincher was the realisation that Capacities gives me the ability to browse my notes, which isn't something I've been able to do in Obsidian, Notion or Tana. I'm quite a visual person so the Gallery & Wall views are exactly what I need to be able to look across my notes. I've never felt like I've been able to 'zoom out' in this way before. It's the perfect mix of structure and creativity. Love it and can't way to play with it more!

I'm now a "Believer." I look forward to continued product developments and to explore how they integrate into my work as an instructional coach in a secondary school. (I'm eagerly awaiting the development of Task Management!) Best wishes

This app is worth every penny, and I'm genuinely excited to dive deeper into its features and functionalities. I'm looking forward to sharing insights, learning from all of you, and becoming a true 'believer' in the capacities of this incredible app! Cheers to innovative note-taking and meaningful connections here!

Prince Markie D
Hi @Michael_v_H and @Steffen and everyone on Team Capacities! You should be very proud of the great tool you are creating! After playing with Capacities a bit and enjoying how intuitive it is to use, I joined as a True Believer.