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of Capacities

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Think in your terms.

We don’t think in abstract pages. Capacities lets you create people, book summaries, or questions instead.

Beautifully designed content types one can use out of the box

Custom content types

Create your own content types with just the properties you need.

Daily notes

One note for each day.


Automate workflows around your objects and create structured content faster.

Page layouts

Choose between profile, encyclopedia, index card, and standard page to create beautiful content.
Beautiful daily notes

One note for each day

Organize your life, one note at a time – and view a timeline of everything you've created.

A graph view of your content

Create beautiful dossiers

Organize all your content through tags – and then explore it visually and get reinspired.

A graph view of your content
Input integrations

Save ideas when you have them

Send text, images, and voice messages to Capacities. We support WhatsApp, Telegram, and e-mail.

A graph view of your content

Powerful, block-based editing

Combine toggles, list, headings, and styles to build just the block you need. Work even faster with markdown-based shortcuts.

Media of all types

Enrich your content with images, tweets, files, audio, and embeds.

Full-text search

Search globally for everything.

Text statistics

Word, paragraph, and character count.
Intro video

A quick tour
of Capacities

Watch this quick tour to see what the app is like.

Networked note-taking

Discover networked note-taking

Say goodbye to folders and tables. Think naturally and create a network of your thoughts.

Contextual backlinks

Backlinks with rich contextual info.


Tag your content with keywords and create beautiful dossiers.

Block linking

Link to individual blocks and use them in various objects simultaneously.
AI magic

Objects meet AI

Use the AI assistant to dynamically interact with any object in your notes. Ask questions based on your content or let it improve your writing. You can use a variety of predefined commands, but ultimately, it's up to you to explore the limits of what's possible!

Create a studio for your mind.

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What our users say


I must say, it is everything I've been looking for in a notes app

Today, I deleted all the other note-taking apps off my devices

Sure thing - you are building the notes app of my dreams ♥️

For almost 2 years I've been searching for a way to index my knowledge for work, from a bottom up approach. […]. Your app seems to solve it.