Why can I use Capacities for free?

We believe that everybody should have access to tools for building knowledge. The basic version of Capacities is and will remain free. Later this year we will launch Capacities Pro which enables advanced integrations with other services and more automation. Find out more here. In addition to a free basic version we promise that you will at any point be able to export all your content into common formats. For more, see our promise.

I need help with the product, where should I look?

We created tutorials, guides and references for you to better understand Capacities in our rich documentation. We highly recommend to visit it. Feel free to get started here. We’ve also written an advanced guide to personal knowledge management with Capacities. If you still have questions feel free to contact us at ✉️ team@capacities.io.

Is my data protected and secure?

Data protection is one of our core values. As a company from Europe, we deeply care about privacy and data protection (see Privacy Statement). All your data is stored on encrypted servers in Germany with regular backups. Only you have access to your content.

An important feature is missing. Can I submit feature requests?

You are more than welcome to do so. We have a feedback board where you can comment and vote on features that others requested or submit your own ones. If you prefer you can of course send us a message anytime (✉️ team@capacities.io). It would be awesome, if you could also add why you need this feature.

What devices are supported?

Capacities is a web app at the moment, meaning you can use it on every modern device. We are working hard to also make Capacities available as app for mobile devices and as desktop app for Mac and PC. For further details see our roadmap.

What languages are supported?

The app has localization for English and German. You can switch the locale in the user settings by clicking the button in the lower-left corner of the sidebar.

What is the roadmap for Capacities?

We are just getting started. Just visit our roadmap. If you want to suggest any ideas or features, feel free to submit them here. If you are interested in getting early access to Capacities Pro subscribe to the waiting list. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date or check out our What’s new page.

Who are the people behind Capacities?

We are a small team located in Germany that is passionate about tools for thought and the idea of a second brain. The two founders are Michael and Steffen, feel free to connect with us.

With Capacities, we want to build the ultimate tool for building lasting knowledge to help people strive in their learning, thinking, and writing. We wrote about why we built Capacities here.

We also host a Capacities community on Discord. It’s place for like-minded people to exchange ideas, thoughts, or news about knowledge-management and note-taking. It’s a place to share ideas about Capacities, workflows you established, cool features you discovered and experience you made. It’s a place to learn and help each other to become better at organizing our digital lives. You are more than welcome to join our community.

I love the idea of Capacities, can I work with you?

We are in the process of growing our team and are actively looking for a co-founder in marketing and community building. We also have open roles as community and social media managers. Just contact us at team@capacities.io if you’re interested and we’ll arrange a meeting.

Capacities looks similar to Notion. What’s the difference?

Yes, Capacities has some visual similarities with Notion. To be honest, it’s just great design. But as soon as you start using Capacities you will realize: It’s a new way of thinking about notes.

Notion is great for organizing teams and projects. Everything is stored in databases and hierarchies. Capacities on the other side works like your brain and is built for knowledge work. You start off with an idea and over time connect it to existing content. By doing that you create a network of thoughts which give you a more intuitive picture of how your knowledge is structured.

For more thoughts on this topic, you can read our blog post.

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What our users say

Sure thing - you are building the notes app of my dreams ♥️
I'm using Obsidian, but I'm willing to switch to Capacities for so many reasons
I wanted to congratulate & thank you guys for creating such an intuitive and beautiful piece of software ❤️
I have tried a ton of Note apps over the past month. Wow, I am very impressed of what you have here. Keep up the great work.
I am extremely excited about capacities.io, and I know it will become an invaluable tool for many people. Already, it has become a daily tool for me.

Please do not stop and keep going.
Just signed up for capacities and I must say I am amazed. I have tried all PKM systems and this one ups notion big time. Very well done.
As a product person who used Workflowy, Roam and Obsidian, I am very impressed by your unique product insight (Types).
I am testing capacities since yesterday and I'm super excited. So far I've been using Obsidian.
User interface and usability is great in this app! Congrats!
I just wanted to touch base to say I am checking out your capacities app. I have only used it a couple of days, but am enjoying it very much. It is beautifully designed. Keep up the great work!!!
Hello, I just thought I would write to say that since I had the onboarding call with Steffen in mid-May, it's been really helpful for me to use capacities even more powerfully. Since the newest update, it has been AMAZING to use. You are going in all of the right directions. Thank you.
Thank you for creating this wonderful app.
To be honest, I’ve tried Notion, Roam, Reflect, Obsidian, etc. pretty much every PKM system out there and I really hope you guys succeed in building your vision as I really enjoy using it.
Just wanted to say, this app is fucking awesome! Exactly the kind of thing I've been looking for. Kinda what I thought Anytype.io was going to be able to do, but WAY better and more powerful.