Why can I use Capacities for free?
I need help with the product, where should I look?
Is my data protected and secure?
An important feature is missing. Can I submit feature requests?
What devices are supported?
What languages are supported?
What is the roadmap for Capacities?
Who are the people behind Capacities?
Capacities is amazing. How can I support you?
I love the vision of Capacities. Can I work with you?
Capacities looks similar to Notion. What’s the difference?

Capacities at a glance

What Capacities is and can do

  • A tool for PKM (personal knowledge management). A place for thinking and creating lasting knowledge.

  • Stored on secure servers in the cloud. Why?

    • Makes sharing way easier

    • Powerful API integrations (Twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram, email) and more coming soon

  • Data structure: a combination of objects (notes with a type), blocks (for main content) and properties (structured data/metadata of an object)

  • Lets you create your own types (like databases in Notion)

  • For individual use. Collab and team workspace are on the long-term roadmap.

  • block-based, WYSIWYG, rich-text editing

  • Tagging

  • Powerful sharing

  • Link and reuse any content, get powerful backlinks

  • Media as first-class citizens (=objects)

  • One-click bulk export of all your content to common formats

  • Base version is and will remain free. Support us by becoming a believer.

What we are currently working on

  • You can get an overview on the upcoming topics on our roadmap.

  • If you have ideas, feature request, or problems feel free to use our feedback board.


  • No full offline support yet.

  • No unlinked mentions/references yet

  • Some advanced features are still work in progress, see roadmap.


  • We recommend using Chrome, Edge, or Safari for the web version

About the company

  • In public beta since January 2022

  • Small, independent team from Europe with a strong belief in the power of knowledge and learning. Read about why we built Capacities.

How you can support us

  • Become a believer. You will support a small and independent team in making the best tool for knowledge work.

  • Spread the word! The more you help us get more users, the less time we have to spend on marketing and can focus on building the best tool for you.

  • Give us feedback on the product

  • Write/create a review of Capacities and share your learnings with others.

  • Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn

Plans, payments, and refunds

Which plans do you offer and how much does it cost?
Which payment options are supported and how are my payments being processed?
Do you offer discounts for students and countries with a lower pricing power?
How can I cancel my plan?
What happens if I cancel a plan?
What is your refund policy?
Can I change my payment method?

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What our users say

I must say, it is everything I've been looking for in a notes app
Today, I deleted all the other note-taking apps off my devices
Sure thing - you are building the notes app of my dreams ♥️
For almost 2 years I've been searching for a way to index my knowledge for work, from a bottom up approach. […]. Your app seems to solve it.
I'm using Obsidian, but I'm willing to switch to Capacities for so many reasons
I wanted to congratulate & thank you guys for creating such an intuitive and beautiful piece of software ❤️
I have tried a ton of Note apps over the past month. Wow, I am very impressed of what you have here. Keep up the great work.
I am extremely excited about capacities.io, and I know it will become an invaluable tool for many people. Already, it has become a daily tool for me.

Please do not stop and keep going.
Just signed up for capacities and I must say I am amazed. I have tried all PKM systems and this one ups notion big time. Very well done.
As a product person who used Workflowy, Roam and Obsidian, I am very impressed by your unique product insight (Types).
I am testing capacities since yesterday and I'm super excited. So far I've been using Obsidian.
User interface and usability is great in this app! Congrats!
I just wanted to touch base to say I am checking out your capacities app. I have only used it a couple of days, but am enjoying it very much. It is beautifully designed. Keep up the great work!!!
Hello, I just thought I would write to say that since I had the onboarding call with Steffen in mid-May, it's been really helpful for me to use capacities even more powerfully. Since the newest update, it has been AMAZING to use. You are going in all of the right directions. Thank you.
Thank you for creating this wonderful app.
To be honest, I’ve tried Notion, Roam, Reflect, Obsidian, etc. pretty much every PKM system out there and I really hope you guys succeed in building your vision as I really enjoy using it.
Just wanted to say, this app is fucking awesome! Exactly the kind of thing I've been looking for. Kinda what I thought Anytype.io was going to be able to do, but WAY better and more powerful.
I an absolutely in love with this app. I have tried every to-do, planner, note taking app under the sun and never found something that fit and had all the functionality I want. Capacities seems to check all of my boxes - I am extremely excited to continue to learn it and utilize in with my life and work.
Capacities has been an absolute joy to use, and is one of a few TfT apps that actually leaves a lasting impression.
I think Capacities is by far the most useful, well designed tool, I've ever used.
The ‘Capacities’ has got everything I imagined.