Our Promise

We are building Capacities to enable people to become more effective at what they are doing, to turn the flood of information they encounter every day into their new superpower.

To achieve this, the core of our product is and will remain free.

We don’t want to impose any limits on collecting information, creating content, and connecting ideas with our tool. Capacities should enable more people to get started and experience the benefits of having a studio for your mind.

In addition, we promise:

You can at any point get your content out, or move it to another system or format with the least amount of friction.

We support database export to CSV (and Excel, coming soon) and content exports to Markdown, Microsoft Word, HTML and LaTeX. We are currently working on a solution to export a whole space at once, allowing you to create regular backups of your content with just one click.

How do we plan to make it a sustainable business?

We want to push the envelope of how we can make the notes you take even more valuable to you.

That means: If you sign up for the paid plan you will have access to advanced features that makes your knowledge work even more productive. Based on intelligent algorithms and advanced features, Capacities will help you in your journey of creating a studio for your mind.

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