Believer features and benefits

As a believer you get direct access to all Pro features as soon as they are developed.

Here are all the features you can already use today. If you want to have a look at upcoming and planned features you can visit our roadmap.

  1. Early access to the beta version of our mobile app

    Early access to mobile app

    We are currently testing the mobile app for iPhone and Android phones. With your subscription you get an email including instructions. If you have questions or didn’t receive an email, please send us an email with the platform you’d like to test and your Apple or Google mail address.

  2. Beta access to the AI Assistant

    AI Assistant

    The AI Assistant is a new way to interact with Capacities. You can read more about it here.

  3. Block-based linking

    This feature lets you link to individual blocks inside of an object. We call this concept block-based linking or just block references. This not only let you link to other blocks, but also lets you embed individual blocks and their children inside another page. Here is how it works here.

    block-based linking

  4. Beautiful page layouts for your custom content types

    Choose from three additional page layouts for your books, ideas, or people. You can read more about it here.

    • Encyclopedia layout:

      Screenshot of new encyclopedia layout

    • Index card layout:

      Screenshot of new index card layout

    • Profile layout:

      Screenshot of new profile layout

  5. Choose a label color for your custom content types

    Visual differentiation helps to better structure your knowledge. You can now pick a color for your type label. Just open “Settings > Content Type Settings” and pick the type you want to adjust.

    index card database

  6. A curated icon set

    Capacities allows you to use emojis everywhere. This is great for better orientation in your notes. On top, you can now choose from a set of beautiful icons to make your space look more professional. Just click on the “Icon” tab in the emoji picker and start searching. This works everywhere where you could only choose emojis before.

    icon picker

Other benefits

If you haven’t discovered it yet, have a look at our feedback board. As a believer, your feedback and votes receive a higher priority.

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