Full-stack / backend developer

Full-stack / backend developer

We're looking for a passionate and exceptional developer to help us shape the future of knowledge work.

About Capacities

We spend a lot of time online, consume vast amounts of information, and at the same time, try to do creative and productive work. Still, we lack a calm place to think and create, a place where we get supported by all the information and data we already have and need to actually get stuff done and be creative.

With Capacities, we’re building a Studio for your Mind, a place to make sense of the world and create amazing things. Our mission is to enable people to work productively and live fulfilling lives. We will remove all the complexity of working with files, folders, and different programs – we are creating a simple interface for people to the digital world.

Studio for your Mind

We’re currently a team of three, but planning to grow the team in 2024. We are:

  • Michael (co-founder, frontend development and design) is a coffee drinker and enjoyer of architecture. He loves nerdy discussions, reading, and learning new languages.
  • Steffen (co-founder, full-stack and backend development) loves early mornings and hard technical problems and has a passion for AI. If he’s not working, you will find him out in the mountains.
  • Beth (content, community, marketing): If she’s not working on Capacities content, she’s taking notes in it about history, or she’s trying to bake the perfect chocolate chip cookie.

On top of that, we’re regularly working with creative and passionate freelancers and developers on a project basis.

Capacities is 100% bootstrapped and a sustainable business. Our goal is to build a small team of excellent people who want to work on a product that matters, and that has a positive impact on people’s lives. With this position, you have the chance to join us as one of the first team members.

We are a hybrid to remote company with our center in Freiburg, Germany. You’re mostly free to decide how, where and when you work. Nevertheless, we expect the willingness to participate in occasional deep work sessions in Freiburg or elsewhere in Europe. It would be great if your working time matches Europe Central Time +/- 3 hours.

Capacities Team

Challenges and Areas of Work

We are looking for an experienced full-stack developer keen to independently work on challenges in our whole tech stack and interested in leading and implementing big software projects. You’ll be in charge of central functions and features of Capacities. You’ll be working on your own projects and projects together with Steffen & Michael.

Challenges include:

  • Full-stack feature development (integrations, public API, data analysis and AI, etc.)
  • Backend development and performance improvements (NodeJS, Graph Database, Redis, Serverless Functions, etc.)
  • Building, maintaining, and monitoring a reliable infrastructure of services (Docker, AWS infrastructure)
  • Full-stack Security and Data Protection
  • Frontend feature and technology development: Offline support, file handling, service workers, local databases (Vue3, Tailwind CSS, Typescript, IndexedDB, SQLLite, etc.)

To get an idea of specific topics, have a look at our roadmap and “What’s Next?” article.

If our mission and these challenges resonate with you, we’d love to talk to you. We’re committed to providing competitive cash compensation and possibly equity compensation. The compensation offered for this role will be based on multiple factors such as location and your experience and expertise.

If you’re interested, send us an email to team@capacities.io.