Create atomic notes inspired by the Zettelkasten system
Steffen Bleher
Steffen Bleher

The object Zettel is inspired by the Zettelkasten system by Niklas Luhmann.

The Zettelkasten system is a note-taking and organization method that involves creating individual notes on index cards or digital files, each with a unique identifier, and linking them together based on related topics or ideas. These notes are then organized into a searchable and interconnected network, allowing for easy retrieval and cross-referencing of information.

The system emphasizes the importance of capturing and recording all ideas and information, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, and encourages continuous revision and refinement of one’s notes over time (evergreen notes).

Capacities object-based system is a great fit for the Zettelkasten system. You can create a Zettel for every idea, and link them together.

A Zettel could for example have the following properties:

  • Description: A one-liner description of the content of the Zettel

  • Tags: Tags are great to have with every object type. It’s just great to tag your Zettels if you want them to appear in different contexts.

  • Cover image: Zettel are pieces of knowledge. To make them look nice, we add a cover image to every Zettel.

  • Notes (blocks property): That’s where we write the content of the Zettel. Here we try to keep the content as short as possible. Every Zettel should be atomic, meaning that it should be a complete piece of knowledge. If you want to write a longer piece of content, you can create a new Zettel and link it to the previous one.

You can at any point adjust these properties. You can remove them if you think they’re unnecessary or add new ones. Learn more about it here.

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