AI magic

Objects meet AI

Use the AI assistant to dynamically interact with any object in your notes. Ask questions based on your content or let it improve your writing. You can use a variety of predefined commands, but ultimately, it's up to you to explore the limits of what's possible!

Full-text search for all saved AI chats

Dive into the depths of your dialogues with pinpoint precision.

Save chats as objects

Every conversation becomes a building block for your knowledge repository.


Use your own key from an OpenAI subscription for unlimited AI power.

Works on mobile devices

Accessible anytime, anywhere, keeping your flow uninterrupted.

Organize via tags and collections

A library of conversations, well-organized for ease of access and reference.

Custom property autofill

Streamline your workflow with AI that proactively populates properties for you.
AI magic

AI conversations that last

Embark on a learning journey with your notes, supercharged by the AI assistant. Ask questions, get answers, and keep the conversations that expanded your mind.

Unlock unlimited access

Bring your own key

Use your own OpenAI access key to get unlimited access to the newest AI models.

I am currently sitting in a meeting and I am taking notes, in Capacities of course, and writing down my questions. as I type my questions I am tossing down the /ask ai and getting my questions answered. Amazing!


Questions about AI in Capacities

How can I set up the AI Assistant in Capacities?

You can configure the AI Assistant settings under Settings > AI Assistant where you can activate or hide all AI features. Additionally, you can bring your own OpenAI API key if you wish to use the AI assistant without any budget limits.

What data is shared with OpenAI when using Capacities AI features?

If you use AI features in Capacities, some of your data will be shared with OpenAI. You can find more information in the OpenAI Data Usage Policies and our Privacy Policy. No data will be shared if you don't use any AI features.

Is there a limit on how much I can use the AI Assistant in Capacities?

Yes, there's a daily budget equivalent to around 400,000 characters per day using the OpenAI GPT-3.5 model for each Capacities account. If you exceed this limit and wish to continue using the AI Assistant without disruption, you can add your own OpenAI API key.

Can I use the Capacities AI Assistant to automatically fill in properties in my objects?

Definitely, Capacities offers an AI Property Auto-Fill feature which uses the AI's knowledge to auto-fill properties for you. You just need to activate AI auto-fill in the property settings, and ensure you have added some context like the title for the AI to work with.

Is it possible to save AI chats as objects within Capacities? How can they be utilized later?

Yes, you can save AI chats by clicking the 'Save as object' button. These saved chats function as objects that you can organize in collections, tag, and link to for easy referencing. They're searchable via full-text search and appear in backlink sections of related objects.

Can I bring my own API key to use with the Capacities AI Assistant?

Yes, you can bring your own OpenAI API key to use the AI assistant without any limits. Go to the OpenAI platform to create an account and generate a new API key in your account settings. Then, add the API key to Capacities under Settings > AI Assistant > Bring your own key. This allows you to use the AI features without being charged until your daily limit is reached.