Learn from videos from different content creators and get a better understanding of Capacities
7 min

Why Are People Leaving Obsidian for This Note App? | Capacities Review

I'm seeing lots of people saying they're now switching to this note app from others, especially Obsidian. Capacities is like a cross between Notion and note apps like Logseq, Obsidian and Reflect.
14 min

Maps of Content in Capacities

Here's a video about how I make maps of content in Capacities!
8 min

Capacities Tutorial For Beginners | How To Use Capacities

29 min

Capacities Tour July 2023

Introducing my Capacities Tour as of July 2023! This is my favourite note taking app ever.
11 min

🤫 The Secret System for better Recall

In today's video, I showcase the system I used to remember information in the IB program.
10 min

The Only Productivity App You Need (NOT Notion)

Hello herro friends! It looks like I found the one 💕 Let me introduce you all to @CapacitiesHQ and how I use the app :))
6 min

Selects and Fixed Sets in Capacities

Single and multi-selects are powerful Capacities features that connect two objects together. They can be further customised by the presence of a fixed set.
6 min

The Future of Note-taking? My workflow in Capacities

I will take you through my workflow in a new-age note-taking app called Capacities

Capacities Made Simple

Start a LifeOS with Capacities in 2023
20% off
6 min

A Short Introduction to Capacities (+ course teaser)

I launched a Capacities course with @keepproductive !
5 min

Capacities: What Is It? The Next Note-Taking Superstar?

Capacities is a new note-taking application that has a new concept of objective notes. Explore today is Capacities and how it works for note-taking, whether it be PKM or everyday notes.
29 min

My Life in ONE App (spoiler: it’s not Notion)

👋🏻 hello! my name is melody! i am an illustrator who loves exploring new apps, productivity apps, and sharing snippets of my life!
19 min

My Best Tips for Structuring Capacities - Objects, Collections and Tags

Capacities is the note-taking app that will revolutionise your note-taking... but how do best structure it? Here are my best tips.
12 min

How I Use Capacities as a Masters Student

Capacities is the note-taking app that will revolutionise your studies...
12 min

The Future of Note-taking? My thoughts on Capacities as a Notion and Logseq user

In today's video, I take you through a new Personal Knowledge Management App called Capacities; it is like Logseq and Notion combined together into one app.
3 min

3 Hot Note-Taking Apps Right Now

From the millions of note-taking applications, these 3 are impressing me right now.
6 min
Video - BETTER than Notion offers a solution combining the organization capabilities of Notion with the visual advantages of Vibes.
11 min

3 apps that will blow up in 2023📱productivity apps

these are all really unique apps that i think have the potential to be really really popular in the future because of how well made they are!

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What our users say

I must say, it is everything I've been looking for in a notes app
Today, I deleted all the other note-taking apps off my devices
Sure thing - you are building the notes app of my dreams ♥️
For almost 2 years I've been searching for a way to index my knowledge for work, from a bottom up approach. […]. Your app seems to solve it.
I'm using Obsidian, but I'm willing to switch to Capacities for so many reasons
I wanted to congratulate & thank you guys for creating such an intuitive and beautiful piece of software ❤️
I have tried a ton of Note apps over the past month. Wow, I am very impressed of what you have here. Keep up the great work.
I am extremely excited about, and I know it will become an invaluable tool for many people. Already, it has become a daily tool for me.

Please do not stop and keep going.
Just signed up for capacities and I must say I am amazed. I have tried all PKM systems and this one ups notion big time. Very well done.
As a product person who used Workflowy, Roam and Obsidian, I am very impressed by your unique product insight (Types).
I am testing capacities since yesterday and I'm super excited. So far I've been using Obsidian.
User interface and usability is great in this app! Congrats!
I just wanted to touch base to say I am checking out your capacities app. I have only used it a couple of days, but am enjoying it very much. It is beautifully designed. Keep up the great work!!!
Hello, I just thought I would write to say that since I had the onboarding call with Steffen in mid-May, it's been really helpful for me to use capacities even more powerfully. Since the newest update, it has been AMAZING to use. You are going in all of the right directions. Thank you.
Thank you for creating this wonderful app.
To be honest, I’ve tried Notion, Roam, Reflect, Obsidian, etc. pretty much every PKM system out there and I really hope you guys succeed in building your vision as I really enjoy using it.
Just wanted to say, this app is fucking awesome! Exactly the kind of thing I've been looking for. Kinda what I thought was going to be able to do, but WAY better and more powerful.
I an absolutely in love with this app. I have tried every to-do, planner, note taking app under the sun and never found something that fit and had all the functionality I want. Capacities seems to check all of my boxes - I am extremely excited to continue to learn it and utilize in with my life and work.
Capacities has been an absolute joy to use, and is one of a few TfT apps that actually leaves a lasting impression.
I think Capacities is by far the most useful, well designed tool, I've ever used.
The ‘Capacities’ has got everything I imagined.