Dashboards and redesign

Dashboards and redesign

Release #1 – January 2022

Complete redesign of right sidebar

The sidebar on the right comes with a fresh new design and a lot of new features.

Right sidebar

Type and metadata

At the top you can always see the type of the current content with a link to the database, to quickly navigate to all your content of this type.

Type and primary metadata

Below you can view and edit the most important metadata such as title and description.



In the new ‘Actions’ section of the sidebar you can share, import, and export this content. You can also quickly delete the current content.

Table of contents

Table of contents

The new table of contents gives you a better overview and lets you quickly navigate to any heading inside of the current content.

Text statistics

Text statistics

The text statistics-sections gives you all relevant stats. It will only be displayed for content with a “blocks” property for rich text.

Created at and last updated

Secondary metadata

At the very bottom we display secondary metadata about creation and updates of the current content.

Import and Export

We now support import from and export to several formats for single objects with a ‘blocks’ property. We support Word, HTML, LaTeX, and Markdown formats.


When importing a file the content of the file gets added as blocks to the bottom of your content.

New Dashboard for Databases

The new dashboard for databases is a great way of reviewing, finding, and organizing your content by type. The dashboard consists of several sections. In ‘Last edited’ we display the last couple of items you edited, so you can pick up your work where you left it. Below we display the ‘Inbox’–items you’ve recently created but not organized in a collection yet. And finally, we display your collections in a grid so you can quickly access them. You will also find your collections in the left sidebar, just below the database of that type.

Database dashboard – sections

In the database dashboard you can toggle between ‘Show all’ to show all content in one container and ‘Show dashboard’ to display content in different sections, as explained earlier. You can also search through all content of this database via the search bar.

Database dashboard – search

Over time we will add more sections to the database dashboard to help you get the most out of your content.

New Space Dashboard

Space dashboard

We designed the new space dashboard as an entry point into your space. You can now instantly create any type of content and don’t have to think about where to put it first. And below you now get an overview of the most relevant content in a space. For now we only show your workspace pages, but we will add more smart sections soon.

Improved Search

We’ve added a search bar right to the dashboard of your space. That way can quickly jump to any content. The search lets you filter by object type. It will now also find your collections and databases.

Space dashboard search

What else

Fresh new look

We have started to give Capacities a fresher, more unified look. This includes aligning all buttons and cards. We are mostly through, but not completely done with it yet.

Simplified Left Sidebar

We’ve simplified the sidebar on the left to leave more space for ‘Workspace’ and ‘Databases’. We moved ‘Give feedback’, ‘Search’, and ‘New content’ to the top and put all of them in one line. We’ve also improved the design of the Account menu where you can change the language and log out.

Left sidebar

Faster emoji search

We’ve improved the emoji picker in the app. It now comes with a faster and smoother search. Unsupported emojis are being filtered out and are not shown anymore. Currently the search only supports English keywords, but we will add the localization of keywords in German soon.

Faster emoji picker

Improved Preview Modal

The preview modal to preview any content now also supports the info and features from the right sidebar. You can toggle it via the button in the top right corner.

Improved preview modal

Add description on page

You can now add a description from the main view of a page.

Add descriptionEdit description

That’s it for this release. Stay tuned for more! 😎

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