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Launching Capacities Believer

With this release, we’re also launching Capacities Believer. This will thus be the focus of this release, meaning, most new features in this release are part of the Believer plan. The Believer plan will eventually transition into Capacities Pro as we continuously add more and more Pro features in the upcoming months. We always aim to strike a good balance with features and improvements to the free product, most upcoming improvements and features will be available to everybody. We already have exciting things for the next release. You can learn more about the Believer plan here.

Three additional page layouts for your content

Capacities Pro

Page layouts

We are visual thinkers. To better differentiate between different types of objects and to utilize their unique constrains and properties Capacities now offers different design and color settings so you can define how they should look and feel.


Capacities Pro


The profile layout is great for content such as people, companies, or organizations. Its main features are the circular preview image and a separate property section on the left side.


Index card

Capacities Pro

Index card

Inspired by the analogue index card (or zettel), this layout is aimed at short-form or more draft-like content. Through its design, it enforces a visual constraint on the length of the content. Properties and a small preview image can be collapsed, to hide non-essential details.


Capacities Pro


The encyclopedia layout is designed to offer great overview through a table of content and backlink-navigation, a structural overview, and a high information density.

You can change the page layout in the object type settings for each custom type:

Page layout settings

New curated icon set

Capacities Pro

You can use this icon set for any page icons or icon property, in the icon interface of a block, and for your custom object types in the object type settings – so basically everywhere where the icon picker shows up, but not within text.

New icon set

Colored type labels

Capacities Pro

Object type settings overview

Object type settings

Object type settings

More fixes and improvements

November 6th, 2022


  • New panel for object type settings (now part of general settings modal).

  • Customize how preview images are displayed: show full image or crop to fill available space.


  • Wide layout mode: Toggle between normal and wide layout for pages and custom object types.



  • Several small design improvements for page view and card rendering.

  • Better loading performance for several queries.

  • Show elements grouped by object type in “Linked components” section of right sidebar.


  • Accent color for audio player consistent with rest of app (blue).

  • Better rendering of content preview on small cards.


  • Bug where text selection stats were still visible when style menu is open.

  • Bug in display of backlinks for linked object blocks.

  • Better robustness of the text editor.

  • Fixed: Bug where certain elements where not visible on tag page on smaller screens or at smaller breakpoints.

  • Many small fixes under the hood.


  • We changed the accent color of the object type labels from teal to sky.

November 1st, 2022


  • Property name of backlink is now shown.

  • Render path of nested backlinks to provide the full context.

  • Open block context menu on right click.

  • Date and time on a date-link are now editable (option-click → edit date button → change date and time in date picker).

  • Experimental: Added text layer to PDF rendering.



  • Better overall performance (some lagging issues have been addressed), many computations are now being delayed to not block the rendering of content.

  • Long typing delays with right sidepanel open have been fixed.

  • Side panel rerendering is now independent of the main window to prevent unnecessary rerendering of side panel entries and prevent a reset of their scroll positions.

Other fixes:

  • Shine animations for loading states working again.

  • Remove options to create new dates from tag page as they are not supported there.

  • Bug where text selection was blocked the first time after creating new content.

  • Prevent triggering of page-related shortcuts when editing text in code block and text properties.


  • Removed some color accents from the app to reduce the noise and possible distractions of the user interface.

  • Better “Turn-into” operation logic and handling of edge cases.

  • Design improvement: Facelift for filter and sort menus.

  • Better responsive design for wide card views (e.g. with narrow space in multi-column environment).

  • Prettier display of shortcuts (not all uppercase).

  • Several small design and accessibility issues within the sharing settings.

  • Better time editing experience in time picker (accessibility and robustness).

  • Design improvements of property list in the top section of a page.

  • Design improvements of object type label and share status label (removed border, changed color intensity).

  • Design improvements of small card.

  • Open all toggles in nested block path of backlinks.

  • PDF page limit from 200 to 300.

  • Removed slightly incorrect placeholder text from text property/text cell.

  • Some minor design improvements of the style menu and a leaner user menu.

  • Improved criteria of what to show as “In-text” tags (exclude those of simple text properties as they are displayed at the top anyway, only consider blocks content).

  • Remove border of tags in graph view (was inconsistent with how tags are displayed in general).

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