Collections and more

Collections and more

It’s time for another update on our product improvements. 🎉 This time we mostly worked on iterative improvements to improve the UX. But we’ve also added some new features, as you’ll see.

Filter and Sort for Collections

We’ve added the much requested feature to sort and filter collections and databases. We also show a small indicator for active filters and sorts.

CSV export for collections

You can now export your collections as CSV. This will include basic properties that are compatible with CSV by nature such as title, date, number, tags. Blocks property and media files are not supported for this type of export.

Improved Picker modal

We improved the UX of reusing existing content via picker. It now shows all available content with pagination and has an improved layout and design.

Mobile layout/design improvements

We’ve massively improved the reading and navigation experience on mobile devices. Most content now looks pretty nice on your smartphone or tablet. The editing experience is still not supported for mobile devices.

Performance improvements: Reduced loading time

We’ve added quite a few performance improvements concerning the loading speed of the app. The loading time is now up to 33% faster.

Better keywords and german locale support for emoji picker

Our emoji picker has gotten better keywords and now also supports german locales, if your language is set to german.

Views for custom types

We’ve added improved card, embed, and page views for custom types that work out of the box.

Progressive loading for images

Images now load faster due to progressive loading. That means, the smallest version of an images is loaded first and progressively replaced by larger ones.

Notes Attribute for images

Since media is a first class citizen in Capacities, we’ve also added a “Notes” property to images. You can now take notes on a specific image, link it to other content and view the places where it’s being used.

Quick navigation in table view

To quickly navigate to an item in the table view we’ve added a quick link that appears on hover right next to the “Title” cell.

List view

In addition to Grid and Table we’ve added another view – the list.

Better navigation with views in database

To make it faster to switch between views, we’ve added a button group that makes it just one click.

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