Bulk actions & more!

Bulk actions

With this release, we’re introducing bulk actions for objects. You can now select multiple objects and perform actions such as “Delete”, “Edit tags”, or “Edit collections” on them. To streamline them together with actions on blocks, we’ve created a new “action panel” that combines all actions on a selection of blocks and/or objects.

action panel

Objects that are linked via a block can be selected by selecting the block as usual. The difference is that now all possible actions for the object are also available in the editor menu, such as tagging, changing the object type or changing the view.

action panel

Screenshot: Add/move a selection of blocks and/or objects to some other location (basically to the blocks property of another object)

To start a selection of multiple objects in a data view, simply hold Meta-Shift (Mac) or Alt-Shift (Windows) and click on the objects you want to select. You can also enter multi-select mode via the object menu “Select multiple objects”.

action panel

You can then add additional items by clicking the checkbox in the top right corner (or again using Meta-Shift/Alt-Shift while clicking anywhere on the object).

action panel

Here’s a list of the new bulk actions that are now available for objects:

  • Bulk tagging
  • Bulk changing of an object type (only possible for same-type selections)
  • Bulk editing of collections (only possible for same-type selections)
  • Moving/adding a selection of blocks and/or objects to some other location (basically to the blocks property of another object)
  • Bulk change of the view of an object block
  • Bulk deletion of objects

action panel

These new actions open some new possibilities when working with a block selection: You can edit tags on a selection of text blocks or move a selection of blocks to another object. You can also change the view of a selection of object blocks to a different view.

action panel

You can read about bulk actions in more detail in our docs or watch our quick tips video about this topic:

Mobile improvements

  • Added: Custom mobile date and time picker.

  • Added: Mobile icon picker.

  • Improved: Design and details of pickers and menus on mobile.

  • Improved: Cleaner daily note with fewer distractions and more space. Also larger button/area to tap on in order to start a new daily note.

  • Added: Object menu with more functionalities on mobile (among others, pin note, export, copy as markdown, use templates, etc.).

  • Fixed: No scroll possible in mobile menu to switch between spaces.

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