Capacities Pro is here!

Capacities Pro is here!

We’re excited to announce the release of Capacities Pro! You can get access now. Learn more here:

We drafted an updated roadmap

After numerous sessions, we’ve given our “What’s Next” article a facelift. In the “What’s next” article, we’re sharing what we’re working on and what we’ll be focusing on in the next months. 🛤️

What’s next article.

In short, there are a few exciting things coming up:

  • Simple table will be release soon

  • The mobile app will be made available for everyone

  • We’ll launch a beta version of the tablet app to all Capacities Believers and Pro users

Feel free to share any feedback on our roadmap in our community.

Extended Search in right sidebar

You can now open the extended search in the right sidebar. This makes it easier to search for content while you’re working on a page. You can use the following shortcuts to open the extended search

  • Open in full screen: Cmd + Shift + P (Mac) or Ctrl + Shift + P (Windows)

  • Open in right sidebar: Shift + Click on the search icon in the top right

  • Open in new tab: Cmd + Click (Mac) or Ctrl + Click (Windows) on the search icon in the top right>

Small improvements and features

  • Fixed: File upload of unusual file types

    We fixed an issue where you couldn’t upload files with unusual file types. You can now upload any file type.

  • Improved: Better search order in linking and tagging dropdowns

    We improved the search order in the linking and tagging dropdowns. The search now prioritizes exact matches and then matches that start with the search term.

  • Improved: Clearer and saver user interface when changing types

    You can now change types from the object menu. Furthermore, you’ll get prompted before you do type changes that include the removal of blocks properties.

  • Fixed: Keep link text when importing and pasting to Capacities

    We fixed an issue where the link text was lost when importing or pasting content to Capacities.

  • Fixed: Cursor navigation and editing experience of links in text

    The cursor now behaves as expected when navigating and editing links in text.

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