Menu redesign, outliner mode and much more!

Lots of product improvements and polishing in this release! This release is part of our commitment to continuous product improvement and user feedback as described in our What’s next article.

Let’s start with the design improvements.

Design Improvements

Introducing a New Look for Menus and Dropdowns

We completely reworked all of our menus and dropdown throughout the app.

Menu difference

All menus are now displayed in a unified menu component with many UX improvements, such as a safety-triangle when navigating submenus with your mouse, improved keyboard accessibility, and much more.


Better visual hierarchy in objects

Based on user feedback, we’ve improved the visual hierarchy and interaction of font sizes in the app. The main headings of data views are now larger and more prominent for better orientation.

Bigger object type title

Updated object type look

The object type title is now bigger, the ‘new’ button is more prominent, and there are smaller buttons for the different data views.

improved ui

Better arrangement in left sidebar

The elements in the left sidebar have been rearranged too, making the shortcuts cheat sheet more prominent. This is also were you’ll find the newly added trash (more about the trash below).

New features

We’ve added some new features too…

Outliner Mode - more control over how outlining looks

Toggles are a great way to get an outliner experience in Capacities, but we know some people prefer the look of bullet points to the original triangular toggles. Now you can choose your outliner style!

Head to Settings > Editor > Toggle Style.

In that same window, you can also choose to hide the vertical lines besides toggled blocks.

Toggle settings

Changing the settings to the bullet point option also gives you the option to start outlining just with a simple -!

To open or close all toggles use Cmd O.

outliner mode

Focus Mode

Capacities Pro

Hide all UI elements with the focus mode button, allowing you to focus on the work at hand. Great for getting things done! Enter Focus mode

Focus mode


A trash bin for individual objects is now available in the left-hand sidebar. Objects will be kept in trash for 30 days and will then be removed completely.

Object types and collections cannot be restored completely; deleting them is irreversible.


More PDF export settings

We have enhanced our PDF export functionality, giving you more choice over what your export looks like:

  • Show type labels (defaults to off)

  • Hide empty properties (defaults to on)

  • Include embedded content (defaults to off)

pdf export option

Search from text selection

Capacities Pro

Pro users have access to extended search, which can now be easily accessed from a text selection.

Simply highlight the term you want to highlight and click the search button. Extended search will open in the right panel with that search term loaded. You can browse your results there and use as required.

search button

extended search results

Update on Offline Support

We’re happy to announce that we’ll be working full steam on better offline support in the coming months. If you want to stay updated on the progress, please vote on the “Offline support” feature request.

We also released a Post-mortem on the server outage on March 25, 2024. We deeply apologize for any interruption of your work.

Update on Mobile App

We are also working full steam on the general release of the mobile app. We’re happy to confirm that this will be our next release. 🚀

We aim to release it this month, but we will make sure it’s perfect first!

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