Custom content types and more

We worked on improving the text editing experience in Capacities and simplified the creation of custom types. ๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿ‘‡

Simpler Creation of Content Types

You can now create your own types in Capacities with just two clicks. Modify them to your needs if you want.

โ€œTurn Intoโ€ Operations

Turn your notes into entities within seconds and find them in your databases.

Turn into operations

Filter and Sort in Search Modal

Simply filter and sort your content when you want to reuse it.

Turn into operations

Unified shortcuts together with an in-app cheat-sheet

Weโ€™ve unified the conventions for shortcuts and put all of them in a cheat sheet thatโ€™s accessible from anywhere in the app.

Let us know what other shortcuts you would like to see!


Improved Tooltips

Our tooltips now have a small arrow that points to the element it is referring to.

Changed: Renamed Workspace to Favorites

We renamed workspace to favorites to better reflect that those are pages marked for quick access and not the single source of truth for all content.

New section โ€œLinked Contentโ€ in right sidebar

All the entities that are contained within your page are listed in the right sidebar. You can click on them to navigate to their position

Linked Content

Alternative way to add collections in Database dashboard


Improved Code Block

  • More supported languages with language features and syntax highlighting

  • Copy snippet do clipboard or download snippet


Several bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed: text-focus after copy and paste
  • Database page navigation is persistent now
  • Picker modal for content shows all selected content at the top
  • Improved: Spacing and design of blocks

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