Nightly Release Notes

Bug reports and issues
If you encounter issues and bugs that are related to the nightly build, please don't share them publicly in the community but report them in the #nightly-tester channel.

New menus and dropdowns

  • Complete refactoring and unification of all menus and dropdowns throughout the app.

Design improvements

  • Better visual hierarchy

    • Larger, more prominent main headings of data view for better orientation

    • Make headings in block preview of cards smaller so they are not bigger than the title of card. We also increased the title on the cards as this is the most important information. This makes it easier to distinguish between the title and the headings in the block preview.

  • Improved design of the header area of objects

  • Improved design of the header area of data views (filter/sort and view options more visually distinctive)

  • Improved UI/UX when adding tags and collections on a page

  • Better arrangement of elements in the left side bar

More design improvements are coming in the next days and weeks, including a complete refactoring and unification of all our menus and dropdowns.

Outliner mode

  • Choose between toggle and bullet list mode (for those who don’t like the toggle icon and prefer bullet points)

  • Editor settings to enable/disable vertical lines


  • New shortcut to open/close all toggles on current page using shortcut (Command-O on Mac and Ctrl-O on Windows)

Focus mode

Capacities Pro

We’ve added a focus mode to the editor for distraction-free writing. You can enable it by clicking the focus mode icon on the reader in the header bar.


To leave to focus mode, click the focus mode icon which is now positioned at the top-center of the screen.


You can also toggle focus mode using the shortcut Command-Shift-M on Mac and Ctrl-Shift-M on Windows.

Trash for recently deleted objects

We’ve added a trash to restore recently deleted objects.


More PDF export settings


  • Added option to hide empty properties (default is on)

  • Added option to hide object type lable (default is on)

  • Added option to include all embedded objects in the export (useful to create a combined export of multiple objects by embedding them in a page)

Search from text selection

You can now quickly look up a word or phrase by selecting it and clicking the search icon in the text bar. This will open the advanced search with the selected text as the search term.

Working towards better offline support

We’re happy to announce that we’ll be working full steam on better offline support in the coming months. If you want to stay updated on the progress, please vote on the “Offline support” feature request.

We also released a Post-mortem on the server outage on March 25, 2024. We deeply apologize for any interruption of your work.

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