Nightly Release Notes

Bug reports and issues
If you encounter issues and bugs that are related to the nightly build, please don't share them publicly in the community but report them in the #nightly-tester channel.

Update from September 21th 2023

  • Improved: Substantial performance improvements

    • Way faster page rendering ⚡️

    • Improved overall performance and snappiness of the app

  • Mobile and tablet improvements

    • Improved: Better UI of AI Assistant on mobile devices (text of response message now selectable, more compact display of actions, added button to close AI assistant).

    • Fixed: Settings are now available on tablet devices (before, the settings button was disabled).

    • Fixed: Wrong, mis-aligned padding of some data views on mobile devices.

    • Removed: Hold to select block on mobile.

    • Improved: Simpler daily note on mobile.

    • Added: Several actions (move block, copy block reference) to mobile block menu.

  • Improved: Better responsive design of the header section of the object dashboard.

  • Added: Collection picker for tag page. You can now easily add tags to a collection from the tag page.

  • Improved: Focus and select title of newly created collection so the user can edit it immediately.

  • Improved: In block style menu on mobile, automatically go back in nested menu when option is picked.

  • Improved: AuthSettings design.

  • Fixed: CodeToken coloring.

  • Improved: More elegant linking for LinkDropdown turnIntoMode (the selected text is used to populate the search field immediately).

Update from September 14th 2023

  • Added: Add any blocks-properties to small-card view (09.09.2023).

  • Added: Show collections on small card preview and edit them.

  • Added: Added new small card system to all basic content types.

  • Added: Edit tags directly on small card preview.

  • Added: Added 2FA. Can be found in “Password & Authentication” settings.

  • Added: Huge performance improvements on Firefox.

  • Added: Better explanation for quickly creating new objects with date.

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