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A powerful note-taking tool that helps you organize your mind.

Notes structured like your brain.

Illustration of thinking in a network of ideas

capacities is a new way to think about notes. By simply using it you create a network of your ideas.


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While you are busy drafting new ideas capacities automatically organises and structures all your content. We do the heavy lifting so you can focus on what you love.

Available wherever you need it.

Reusing any content with ease

Don't search your computer for hours. Find and reuse everything within seconds.

Simple and powerful.

Beautifully designed content types one can use out of the box

We provide basic content types that you can use to build your notes. Add web content, PDFs, tags, pages and more.


Illustration of a custom content type

Adjust capacities to your way of thinking: Create custom content types that help you structure your thoughts.

Embed anything.

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Include videos, whole Wikipedia articles, audio tracks and much more in your notes.

Start building your second brain.

  • It's free
  • No credit card required
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Core features

Next-level note-taking.

Block-based editing

Creating becomes as simple as playing LEGO.

Media of all types

Enrich your content with images, videos, audio & embeds.

Advanced search and filtering

Search globally for everything. Sort, filter and group your content.

Fine-grained access control

Share parts of your second brain as websites. Give others read access to your notes.

Easy-to-use design tool

Make use of sensible defaults and beautiful color palettes.

Powerful CMS

Use the full power of structured content in an elegant workspace.

Intelligent content analysis

Copy and paste everything. capacities analyses and organises it.

Endless spaces

Create endless independent containers to separate your projects.

Supercharged tagging

Tag your content with keywords to structure your second brain.

🚀 Coming Soon

Powerful import

Import Markdown, Word, media and files within seconds.

🚀 Coming Soon

Many export options

capacities is not a silo. Export your content to PDF, Word, Excel or Markdown.

🚀 Coming Soon

Simple Templating

Save blocks and patterns as templates to be more productive.

🚀 Coming Soon

Start structuring your knowledge.

  • Memorize more
  • Deepen your understanding
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