What if Capacities was gone tomorrow?

What if Capacities was gone tomorrow?

Here's what we can say about it.

First of all: Capacities will not shut down tomorrow. Rather the opposite is true: We’re just getting started. We are more than ever fully committed to our mission and are working full steam on it.

Nevertheless, some users asked us about it and it’s a fair question. You’re trusting us with all your data, a lot of your creative work happens in Capacities. Many of you depend on it every day. So here’s what we can say about it.

Whatever the scenario is, there will always be a way for you to export all your data into a common format so you can use them in any other app you like. Already now, you can within a few clicks export all your content and use it in other apps. We believe that this is a fundamental principle and we’ll stick to it even in the case of Capacities shutting down.

We also see a path for open-sourcing Capacities, turning it into a local-only app, or other similar scenarios. But since we don’t even know what such a scenario could look like, it’s hard for us to make any promises.

That being said, we want to stress that Capacities shutting down is a very unlikely scenario. From the beginning, we built Capacities with the fact in mind that our mission cannot be accomplished in a short time. We’re solving a complicated and important problem and that takes time. Because of that, we set up a company that is long-lasting and sustainable.

Capacities is 100% owned by its founders. We are the only ones who can make important decisions about the future of Capacities. We personally believe in our mission and are excited about what we build every morning we wake up.

On top, Capacities does not rely on any external funding. We built Capacities with the incredible support of all Capacities Believers and subscribers of Capacities Pro. Already today, Capacities is a sustainable business and we don’t have any indication that this will change.

The long-term success of Capacities is dependent on the value we create and the support we get from our users. As long as enough people see value in Capacities and are willing to support us, we can continue to grow and create a better product over time.

We hope this helps to make an informed decision. If you have questions, let us know.

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