Why Capacities will become offline-first

Why Capacities will become offline-first

We recently committed to transforming Capacities into an offline-first application. This was a big step, and here's why.

Offline-first for us means that you can work with Capacities on your device without access to the internet. We decided to prioritize this for two reasons:

First, nobody likes loading spinners. We want the tools we use to work at the speed of our thoughts. Waiting interrupts our flow and our focus, and that’s unacceptable for us.

Second, thousands of people rely on Capacities to get critical work done every day. Technology should never stop you from doing that.

You can already use Capacities without an internet connection today, but not all features are available. We’re gradually introducing more offline support over time. If you’re interested, you can read about our roadmap here: https://docs.capacities.io/misc/offline-support.

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