Create notes on organizations, such as companies or institutions.
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith

The object Organization is useful if you want to keep track of information about various organizations, such as companies, non-profits, or educational institutions. By creating a structure for an organization, you can easily store and reference information about the organization and its contacts over time.

To create a structure for an organization, it will have the following properties:

  • Name: The name of the organization.
  • Description: A brief summary of the organization, highlighting its purpose and goals.
  • Tags: Tags are great to have with every object type. You can tag organizations with different industries or fields, making it easier to find them in different contexts.
  • Contact Information (text property): We use a text property to keep it flexible. This could be the organization’s website, phone number, or physical address. You can just paste it in the text field.
  • Category (single select tag property): To differentiate and filter different types of organizations, we create the tags “Company”, “Non-profit”, “Educational Institution”, and “Government”. This can also be added later when your organizations database becomes crowded.
  • Cover Image: To make views look nicer, we add logos or images to every organization.
  • Notes (blocks property): This is where you can capture more detailed information about the organization, such as its history, structure, mission, and current projects. If we want to further structure our object type, we can also create multiple “blocks properties”. You can also use templates to create a structure for your notes section.

You can adjust these properties at any point. You can remove them if you think they’re unnecessary or add new ones. Learn more about it here.

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