The Capacities Mobile App

One of the most anticipated launches in our history… 🚀

Officially Introducing the Capacities Mobile App! 📱

Modern knowledge work doesn’t just take place on your computer. You need to be able to take notes on the go, to access your existing notes and to know your notes are seamlessly synced between devices.

We crafted the Capacities Mobile App around this idea— it’s your on-the-go companion to the all-powerful desktop app. It’s now available to all users for free. 🚀

Over the last few months, we’ve redesigned the mobile experience to be smoother, faster and more enjoyable. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  1. Daily notes- Plan your day, write down ideas and reflect.
  2. Powerful search- Find what you are looking for in seconds.
  3. Quick Capture- Quickly add photos, use the camera, or create new content.
  4. Share sheet- Save content from other apps to Capacities.
  5. AI Assistant (
    Capacities Pro
    )- A powerful assistant right in your pocket and linked to your notes.
  6. Easy browsing and reading - Browse through all your notes and let them inspire you.
  7. Swipe actions - everything is connected with swipe actions for smooth navigation.
  8. Explore connections- of course we had to bring graph view to mobile! Show your friends how cool it is. 😉

We’re so excited to hear what you think!

Download the iOS app or the Android app now!

Here’s a walkthrough video to show you everything you need to know:

We also want to say a special thanks to our Pro and Believer users who have provided invaluable feedback during the Beta phase! 🙏

Synchronization glitches fixed

We’ve been working hard to fix some synchronization glitches that have been causing issues for some users. We’ve made some significant improvements to the synchronization process. We recommend that you update your apps to the latest version to ensure you have the best experience.

If you’re still having issues, we recommend to run “Settings > Account > Reboot”.

Small improvements

  • Keyboard Shortcut to quickly move between spaces (Cmd + Shift + 1/2/3)
  • Horizontal scrolling now supported in math block
  • ‘Toggle all’ option in delete modal
  • Added small “x” to all objects in selection boxes on hover
  • Shift-click works in object table views

Bug Fixes

  • Canny: Capacities is open in another window message keeps popping up
  • Canny: Adding new page from embedded tag view or tag page fails silently
  • Canny: Timestamp (+Now) Not Working on iPad
  • Canny: AI Auto-Fill – user unable to save custom “Additional Instructions” for text field
  • Canny: Search for objects / tags in property field not working for fixed sets
  • Canny: Action panel shortcut on Windows desktop client does not work
  • Canny: Tags not showing up
  • Canny: Problem with object name truncating in Windows app when creating in-line
  • Canny: Trying to show 2 different image properties in gallery view, but it only shows 1 duplicated
  • Canny: Link Collection to show source object
  • Canny: Timeline references not displaying correctly when they have an image and text.
  • Canny: Unable to copy/paste tables Canny: Bug: Trying to remove one of two back-to-back tags results in most of line deleted
  • Canny: Image data views are slow and laggy // problem: new un-paginated dashboard views seem to choke cache (app / browser) performance
  • Canny: Command + A to select all doesn’t work in search Canny: Table column sorting not working

What’s new since the last update?

➡️ We published our latest What’s Next article explaining our current direction, which this release is part of!

➡️ We officially welcomed Luca to the team as a full-time developer. He developed the web extension and will be part of nearly everything from now on! 🚀

➡️ We are officially profitable! Capacities is here to stay, and we are so excited to show you everything we have planned. We recommend to read Steffen’s article on “What if Capacities was gone tomorrow?”.

Capacities Content

There’s also been some great Capacities content published since the last releases!

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