Why we focus on individuals

Why we focus on individuals

We often receive questions about why we don't offer Capacities for teams. Let us explain.

Almost all knowledge work today involves some sort of exchange between people. We collaborate, share, iterate, and discuss ideas – but a lot happens before that.

We collect ideas, capture learnings, prepare drafts, and externalize thoughts. These are all very personal processes. We don’t want to share them, nor would we save them in a team wiki. These processes are fun and exciting, sometimes messy. They include a lot of tinkering and creative thinking.

Many people struggle with that: How do I keep what I read? Where can I capture all the inspirations and interesting thoughts I encounter? How do I organize them when I learn something in an unknown domain? How do I explore my content? And then, most importantly, how do I find something again when I need it? How do I create value from all my stuff when I start a project?

This is a largely unsolved problem. I barely know people who say that they are happy with organizing their digital data and knowledge. It’s an incredibly complicated problem. That’s what fascinates us about it. It’s the challenge we decided to tackle. It’s the problem we want to solve.

This challenge fascinates us. It is the problem we decided to tackle, and the one we are committed to solving.

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