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Michael von Hohnhorst
Michael von Hohnhorst

The setup

  • Create object type “Meeting”: First, we’re going to create a new object type (learn more here. To keep it as general as possible, we’ll call it “Meeting”. But you could give it a more specific name, such as “Meeting” or “Conversation”, if that fits better to your situation.
  • Add a date property: When the meeting takes place is an important fact, so we’ll add that as a property.
  • Add a text property to keep track of the involved people: Who we talk with seems like another very relevant information. We will add a text property to keep it flexible: We can link to people from our People database, but also add some additional context as plain text or mention people we don’t necessarily want to store in our people database. We will call this property just “People”, to keep it simple.
Reading recommendation
If you don’t have a people database yet, have a look at this article, where we show you how to create the ultimate database to keep track of all people in your personal professional and intellectual life!
  • Add the general tags property: To be able to tag our meetings, we will add the tags property.
  • Add a single select property to specify the type of meeting: Since we kept it quite general, we’ll add a single select property of tags to specify the type of meeting a little more. Our property “Type” allows the following values: meeting, remote-meeting, conversation, call, discussion, debate, appointment (feel free to add your own).
  • Add a blocks property for your main notes: Finally, we’ll add a blocks property where we’ll take our main notes. Well simply call it “Content”.

More settings

We can additional specify a page layout for this new type. The Encyclopedia layout might be a good fit here. Why?

  • It comes with a table of content.
  • It shows an overview of all objects used on that page.
  • The compact layout with high information density will show us all relevant info at a glance.

That’s it for the setup. We’ve now created a new “Meeting” object type. Now let’s have a look at how to make the best use of it!

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